TEDx is an independently organized event, under the national TED umbrella, in which local presenters are invited to spread their ideas worth sharing.

As a part of my journey to earn the New Media Certificate, I participated in a course called New Media and TED, through which we assisted in planning the TEDxUGA event. Throughout the class, we learned how to create engaging presentations, and learned how to coach others through that process. Additionally, we learned all the behind-the-scenes of putting on such a massive event! The skills I learned through this class will be extremely beneficial to me both personally and professionally moving forward.

Additionally, I had the honor of serving as TEDxUGA student council president. In this role, I kept our student council members informed and engaged throughout the year.

Below you can view images from TEDxUGA 2023: Roots!

Here you can view the two TED talks that I helped curate!

Embrace Differences, Achieve Greatness: Success through Identity | Jeremiah de Sesto | TEDxUGA